“I can’t say enough good things about the beauty of James Lyle’s artwork in Dark Candle. While the story of this village has my attention, it’s the artwork that grabbed me from the beginning. As I’m watching via my computer screen, I’m completely immersed in every scene…as if I’m standing right next to Lyle as he paints the pictures for me. The facial expressions and physical demeanor of these characters drives the story in such a way that I feel I know who they are and what their roles might be. . . . I want to see more of this gorgeous artwork. Bring out the next installment, please!

Julie Negron: Creator (Jenny)

“a daring and refreshing adventure yarn done in the classical sense. a riveting tour de force of words and pictures. two swords up.”

Paul Gulacy: Illustrator and Graphic Novel Pioneer

Dark Candle is an intriguing story combining an historic medieval setting with a timeless tale of romance. Lyle’s art lends cinematic pacing to the story and captures the drama in such a way that the reader will feel immediately engaged with the characters. His expert draughtsmanship has the classic illustrative look that conveys the period with convincing detail.”

Jack Pittman: Cartoonist

“I didn’t think I would enjoy a web-based comic book, but Dark Candle won me over. Your artwork is great. You’re at the top of your game! The story is engaging and entertaining. Everyone should be checking out Dark Candle.”

Phil Hwang: Writer/Director/Producer Geek Mythology and Completely, Totally, Utterly

“James Lyle continues to amaze me with his art–cleanly fluid and real, and at the same time very fun. He’s a treat not just for the comics enthusiast, but for the professionals that look at his work.”

Greg Cravens: Cartoonist

“Thanks for the preview of Dark Candle. The artwork is fantastic and the story is engaging. It is very impressive! I will be following it on-line.

Jennifer Lien: Actress

“As an accomplished illustrator, Lyle’s masterful use of close-ups, long shots and combinations give the storyline the dramatic graphics that lead the reader eagerly to the next page.”

Marcus Hamilton: Cartoonist (Dennis the Menace)

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