We are going on hiatus for an indefinite period. Bottom line? Well, it is the bottom line. I find myself in the situation of needing to ensure that we continue to meet critical needs (food, housing, emergency fund, etc) instead of rolling out Chapter 3 of Dark Candle. To our faithful readers, thank you for your support. We hope to continue the adventure, but given current economic realities, it isĀ  unlikely that we will be able to do so this calendar year.

I’ll be updating this site periodically as I am able. Thank you.

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  1. Koad

    Very sorry to hear that this great comic will be on hiatus, but it’s certainly understandable… got to keep the priorities straight. Hope everything works out for both of you.


  2. Michael Woodring


    Thank you. I trust everything will work out. We appreciate your regular patronage and hope to be back with good things down the road.


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