Spring – Chapter 1, Page 1

Here it finally is, the very first page of the very first chapter of Dark Candle. Believe me when I say that this is cause for celebration. This day has been long in coming. To all who made it possible, I hereby raise a toast of Tang (don’t ask). To James and Matt for helping to get past the “words, just words” stage of the project. To spouses for suggestions, ideas, corrections and support. (No, I don’t have multiple spouses, but collectively we have three of them.)

It is in particular honor of one such spouse that this first page is published. To my wife on the occasion of her birthday. Sláinte.


Panel 1    Europe on parchment, showing some political detail for the period. Symbols for mountains, rivers, etc. Trying to set the location and tone (on this page and the following). A hand is on the edge of the parchment so we get a hint  that the narrator is a real person. Dividers, magnifying bowl and candles also rest upon the table.

[Author, Artist and Editor information will be included on the page.

Dark Candle Logo and title at the top of the page. “Dark Candle” followed by “Spring.”

***End Transcript***

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  1. James E. Lyle

    Here’s to Woody and Matt for picking me as artist, and for helping me through the tough spots of getting this ready for presentation to the world.

    The dedication: “…to the memory of George Michael Sawyer…” is probably the toughest of those “tough spots” that happened while working on this book. Georgie (as he was known to friends and family) was killed in a car accident just as I began work on the inking stage of Dark Candle. Trying to remain productive when one of your best friend’s kids dies is a major hurdle that hopefully nobody reading this will ever have to deal with.

    Thanks Woody for being so understanding about my slow output during this time, and for allowing the dedication to be attached. While I wish I could do more, this small token will have to do.

    But I’ve no desire to be maudlin. The story begins, thanks to everyone who helped out in various ways they may not even know about!


  2. Ron Fortier

    Congrats, James. I will be following this avidly. Bravo.


  3. Gary Scott Beatty

    Sweet! Now I won’t have to wait to see what James is up to. I get to view a new page weekly! I guess the above title page says it all — adventure is on the way. Beautiful command of ink, JEL!
    Xeric Awarded Writer and Illustrator
    Gary Scott Beatty


  4. skeleton staff

    beautiful artworkings there! cant wait for the next installments…


  5. lemoneater

    Michael, thought I’d check this out since I had some time. It is a rainy evening and what better time to enjoy a graphic novel.


  6. Michael Woodring

    @Ron. Thanks for stopping by and for stating an intent to do so again.

    @Gary. Thanks for joining us for this adventure. Indeed, James wields a mighty fine pen.

    @lemoneater Thanks for stopping by on a rainy evening.


  7. James E. Lyle

    Everyone is being so nice to me about the art (Thanks)–Woody’s written a really good story that is inspiring my best work. I’m so pumped the eyestrain hardly bothers me!


  8. Steve

    Congrats, James. I will be following this avidly. Bravo.


  9. fleabagger

    Very good! I can’t wait for the next page.


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