It Is Coming

Actual pages from Dark Candle 1 will begin to be displayed in this space sometime in March April of 2010. Excellent progress is being made for the launch and we expect it to commence only slightly a month or so behind our original schedule.

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  1. James E. Lyle

    As artist on this project I figure it’s an appropriate time to check in on this page. All interior pencil pages are approved as of last night 2/25/10, and today I am at work inking the first dozen pages in “earnest”. Proceeding traditionally–utilizing a Hunt 107, Leonardt 256, P. Esterbrook Radiopen 954–so far. Also using a selection of Staedtler Marsmatic 700s (mostly for panel borders and some background elements. Also using Loew-Cornell 7000 Round #4 and Simply Simmons Round #3 for filling in blacks and some linework too. My ink is Rapidograph Universal 3080-F. Inking music–Best of Blondie. I pass the time thinking what actors would be good in the various parts should Dark Candle ever become a film.


  2. James E. Lyle

    I’m experimenting with these pen points. Anyone who cares can add a P. Esterbrook Ovalpoint 668 to that mix. Ink everywhere! Happy as a pig in slop! (Brent Borgeois is now playing on iTunes).


  3. James E. Lyle

    Work is proceeding on the project–albeit more slowly than I’d hoped. Nobody’s fault but my own. Still, we’re getting close. Hold on. It’s looking good from this end.


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