Dark Candle is a graphic novel set in 10th-century Bavaria. It is both realistic (in terms of the graphic style used and the period context) as well as imbued with a fantastic element. We have begun web publication of the first of six or more individual chapters which will comprise the entire arc of the completed novel. Updates are weekly on Thursday evenings–or earlier in the day. Non-comic posts may happen at any time.
Michael Woodring feeling strange in front of the camera

Michael Woodring

Michael writes the script and keeps everything going with this site. He has an extensive writing background, having been employed in the creation of technical documents for the last 15 years. This is his second foray into the world of comics/graphic novels, the first having seen the light of day in a small indie magazine which has since gone the way of the paper on which it was printed.

If you would like to contact him–or ask either Michael or James for more information about Dark Candle, please use the Contact form.

JamesĀ  Lyle

James Lyle taking a break from inking Dark CandleJames poses and pencils and pens the artwork. He has been bringing stories to life in this fashion for more than 25 years. While he is glad to be able to look back at that experience, he tries not to dwell on how long it took him to get it.

More information about James (including a number of portfolio examples) may be found at jameslyle.net. Further examples of his artwork and writing are on display at The PLUS comic online.